Retail Consultancy Workshops


Are you Retail Ready?

Join us for our new programme of workshops supporting Yorkshire food and drink producers run in association with ARC Retail Consultancy

NEW for 2016, this series of workshops will help and advise you on your route to market no matter what stage your business is at.

arc logo+strap_smThe ARC team has ‘real life’ experience in the retail food industry and a depth of genuine knowledge across many food and drink categories, giving them a unique appreciation of the mechanics behind creating successful brands and executing a profitable retail sales strategy.

Members are invited to complete the entire programme of events or pick and choose to tailor to their individual    business needs.  Held at venues across the whole of Yorkshire (depending on where the majority of delegates are based) the events are charged at £15 each for members (£45 for non-members)

The programme will begin in February and will include:

Understanding Your Market

Wednesday 24th February


Insight into the information about the major multiple sector, category performance and how it can be used will be shared through a presentation from Kantar.

  • In this workshop we will :
    • Explain the importance of understanding the market that you operate in and its dynamics.
    • Provide some insight as to how to effectively research your particular business sector.
    • Help you determine your USP and understand why it is essential to have one!
    • Share the importance of understanding your ‘consumer’ and let you see your business through their eyes.


Bringing your brand to life through design

Wednesday 23rd March


Guest speakers from a couple of design agencies will share with you their approach and give examples of how effective design can aid brand communication and sales.

  • In this workshop we will :
    • Clarify “What is a brand?”
    • Talk about brand values and consistency in ‘tone of voice’ to those values.
    • Explain the importance of a clear design brief to ensure that the values of your brand are communicated through design to your target consumer.


Driving Consumer Engagement through Social Media

Wednesday 20th April


“Brilliant Social Media” are a specialist Social Media Agency for Food, Hospitality, Retail & Tourism. They will present a few of their trade secrets as to how they have grown brands commercially by helping them stand out from the crowd through Social Media by:

    • Explaining  the different channels of Social Media
    • Talk about who uses Social Media and why it is so important
    • Share with you hints and tips to build an brand supporters society.


Food Safety & Technical Accreditation

Wednesday 18th May


We will be supported in this presentation by a Yorkshire based technical consultancy group with a reputation for providing the highest quality training services and validation in food safety controls, helping food businesses across the UK be it in manufacturing, hospitality, retail and the care sector.

In this workshop we will cover:

    • An insight into food safety.
    • HACCP
    • Preparing for audits and internal auditing procedures.
    • Legal labeling


The Retail Commercial Landscape

Wednesday 22nd June


In this session we will cover:-

    • What’s currently happening in the world of retail?
    • If there was a ‘retail crystal ball’ what would it tell us?
    • What opportunities arise from the current environment?
    • How can those opportunities be best capitalized?
    • What challenges does the changing landscape pose and how can you best prepare?


Working with the retailers

Wednesday 21st September


Whilst specific speakers are tbc this workshop will constitute presentations from key industry players from a selection of retailers including the major multiples.

They will share:-

    • Their business strategy including the importance of local food & drink.
    • What it is they are looking for from new businesses / products.
    • How you make an effective approach to them to pitch your brand.


Sharing Retail Stories

Wednesday 19th October


    • We will invite some inspiring and motivating great Yorkshire Food producers to share with you their ‘journey’ and learning along the way.
    • Guests tbc at this stage.


The Deliciouslyorkshire Dragons Den

Wednesday 23rd November


    • Want to have a practice pitch to a group of buyers where is doesn’t matter if you fluff up?
    • We will run a networking workshop, with individual breakout sessions. These individual meetings will to allow you to present your business and commercials to see how viable it may be to take to the next level.
    • Promising not to be too mean, we will give honest and open feedback on your pitch and areas which may benefit from further development!