Hearth Group

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Hearth Group is a strategic marketing and insight agency, helping brands to connect with their consumers and grow.

We work with food and drink producers and retailers on strategic marketing and insight projects which help them to gain a deeper understanding of their customers through our shopper and category services, brand and consumer services, innovation and customer science work.

We also offer consultancy services for those brands and retailers who aren’t sure of which step they need to take next.

Half price Shopper Safari for DY members – Get inside the mind of your consumers instore with our Insights Director, who can help you map out the customer journey, understand shopper motivation, consumer and brand performance. Leverage the latest thinking from consumer psychology to drive growth in your category.
Duration: 4 hours. Price for DY Members: £350 + VAT

Half price consultancy session for DY members to discuss where their business is currently at and strategies for making those next steps.
Duration: 4 hours Price for DY Members: £200 + VAT