Kacao Chocolaterie

Get to know more about Kacao Chocolaterie…

I love Chocolate, some people have said maybe a little too much over the years!

I have always been fascinated with the journey of a raw material being transformed into the finished product, chocolate is no exception. Cacao beans come from the fruit of the Theobroma trees which grow 20 degrees north and south of the equator. Once the cacao has been roasted, de-shelled, ground, refined, conched and tempered (there is a reason I don’t do it all down here!) it finally comes to me to be made into the delicious home made treats like hand dipped ganache, truffles, thins, and much more….

My name is Kelsey and I started Kacao to satisfy an inner dream, the love of chocolate and being able to source the finest beans from around the world. We are located just outside the picturesque market town of Richmond, in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. Being at Sedbury Hall stables surrounded by lavender and roses I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful backdrop to the creative workings of flavours, ingredients and decoration.