The Holy Smokery

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At The Holy Smokery, we’re inspired by our surrounding landscape and history. We draw our inspiration from the simple, pure and sustainable artisan techniques of the Monks who lived and worked at Kilnsey Estate from 1155 to 1536.

The Holy Smokery recreates the link with the original pioneering Monks, combining the finest local produce of fish, game and meats, with distinctive herbs and spices such as Long Pepper (Once more valuable than gold) and Verjus.

Four decades ago the Roberts family rediscovered the 850-year-old tradition of rearing and smoking fish at Kilnsey Estate. Today Award-Winning Chef Jake Buchan continues this tradition still using the award winning Kilnsey Spring Water Reared Trout along with other fresh, local produce creating, by hand, small-batch wonderfully tasting, artisanal smoked foods. Jake uses techniques with natural wood smoke, ensuring there is depth, in every single mouth-watering bite!