York Cocoa House

Get to know more about York Cocoa House…

When we opened York Cocoa House in November 2011 the dream was to create a home for true chocolate lovers, people like me, who felt they had a personal bond with chocolate. For me, chocolate had always been a companion, through every celebration, exam, commiseration and illness – it was far more than just an inanimate food stuff. I don’t know when my love of chocolate started, but looking back, it has always been there. I started making cakes when I was 4, by the age of 8 I had my own signature chocolate fudge recipe, when I was 12 my school project was to track the Cadbury share price, then that Easter I taught myself how to temper chocolate. I realized a few years ago that I was quite obsessed!

We look forward to seeing you at York Cocoa House, in the meantime feel free to browse and have our products sent directly to you, make a reservation for our Chocolate Cafe or make a booking to come and learn more about chocolate with us in our chocolate workshops.

Best wishes