Membership Terms & Conditions

By joining Deliciously Yorkshire (DY) as a member, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

1. DY expects all members to maintain the highest standards of service and professionalism.
2. Members should maintain and operate their premises and/or business in accordance with all relevant statutory requirements.
3. All members MUST produce and/or make their products in Yorkshire using as many local ingredients as possible.
4 All members must have a business location within the Yorkshire and Humber region or operate within 10 miles of the region’s borders.
5. Where raw ingredients are not available within the county, a company may become a member if the food undergoes a manufacturing and/or cooking process within Yorkshire.
6. Payment by credit card / online will be subject to a surcharge. This surcharge will be advised to the member before payment is taken.
7. Members wishing to pay in instalments may have this facility granted to them, but should contact the office for terms and should note that this facility will incur a handling charge.
8. The minimum period of membership is 12 months. Membership is not transferable.
9. Membership is continuous for the minimum period. New members only have a fifteen day period in which to revoke membership and receive a full refund.
10. If within the membership period you choose to cancel your direct debit without contacting us to arrange payment by alternative means the remaining membership fee due must be made with immediate effect.
11. Upon cessation of membership no part of any subscription paid shall be repayable to the former member.
12. DY will notify two months prior that renewal will be falling due; membership will then be invoiced 30 days prior to the membership renewal date unless notification has been received in writing to terminate 30 days prior to renewal commencing. All terms and conditions of DY membership will apply.
13. Subscription payments not received within one month of becoming due will result in the membership being considered lapsed and all services may be suspended pending payment. However, membership charges will continue to accrue, together with interest at 2% above base rate until resignation is received in writing, subject to (9) above.
14. Membership fees are revised annually and will be notified to members in writing.
15. We value your membership, however DY reserves the right to terminate the membership of any member that:
Fails to pay their subscription or fee to DY within one month of it becoming due; ceases trading or is dissolved; is deemed likely to bring DY into disrepute; fails to provide an adequate standard of service or goods or fails to provide an adequate standard of accommodation, thereby generating complaints that are to the detriment of DY’s reputation. If you are a paid up member we will write to you at your last known address and give you one month’s notice of any intention to cancel.
16. DY is not obliged to accept any application for membership or give any reason for refusal.
17. Members are provided with the services laid out by DY in the description of membership benefits. Members may be charged a fee for such services and be subject to additional terms and conditions. DY reserves the right to refuse or remove such services without assigning any reason.
18. Only current DY membership logos, stickers and branded materials should be displayed. If membership lapses, logos, stickers and branded materials must be removed from display.
19. Terms and conditions of membership, in addition to those contained in the Articles of Association, may be revised from time to time and will be notified to members in writing.
20. Company details, as provided by you, are held on computer, and are published in printed lists and via the Internet.
21. Members are expected to complete all surveys sent by DY to their best ability to ensure on-going improvements to membership meet the requirements of its members.
22. The development of the deliciouslyorkshire delivery service depends on the product catalogue of members food and drink products for supply. It is an opt-in service for all members. All product data will be published and only used as part of the DY delivery service.