Recipe of the month: Sloe Gin

DrinkServes 6

# Take a litre bottle of gin, and drink half (or empty your gin into a larger bottle!) # With a toothpick, prick the sloe's and drop into the half-empty bottle so that they displace the remaining gin to near the top. # Add the sugar to the bottle. # Turn your bottle daily for one week, then weekly for a month or two! After 2 months you will have delicious sloe gin just in time for Christmas presents! Cocktail idea from deliciouslyorkshire member "SLOEmotion" Turn your sloe gin into this fabulous autumn cocktail SLOE Ginger the perfect drink to end a days foraging! # In a chilled glass add one third SLOE Gin to two thirds traditional ginger beer and crushed ice. # Add a generous squeeze of lime around the rim and place the lime in the glass & Enjoy.

Expert Tips

* To save the laborious task of pricking your sloes, simply place them in the freezer overnight, which will break the fruit down and will release more flavour. * Gin not your thing? Simply replace with whisky, vodka or brandy to make a delicious alternative tipple! * Have all your local sloes been picked over? DON'T PANIC you can buy delicious sloe gin, brandy, whisky, vodka, chutneys and chocolates from deliciouslyorkshire member "SLOEmotion" * Like all recipes the better quality the ingredients the better the end product, specifically thinking about the liquor.