New Yorkshire Emporium

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Yorkshire producers of chilli sauces, spicy pickles, nuts and stuff all made in Holmfirth.

Yorkshire lad, Guy, our founder and chief sauce maker, has over 20 years of experience in the catering industry. Following a trip to the US gorging on smoky barbecue Guy set out to replicate this flavour at home and By’eck Chilli Sauce was born.

Now from our Netherthong, Holmfirth HQ, Guy crafts (in small batches to ensure quality) our range of chilli sauces, spicy pickles, and nuts, which combine that traditional smoky American barbecue experience, with a bit of Yorkshire magic.

The 10 NYshire Emporium Mission Statements

1.   We love flavour as well as spice;
2.   Artificial flavourings, preservatives and additives are the enemy. If its not natural – its      not used;
3. The more veg the better;
4. Variety isn’t always the spice of life – we don’t have a huge range as we only sell products that we love ourselves;
5. Tha‘ can’t rush perfection – we spend months (and sometime years) perfecting a recipe before it is added to our range.
6. Happy wife, happy life – in other words sell mild and medium options as well as our Chuffin By’eck spicy range as she can’t handle the chillis;
7. No one wants a half eaten jar rotting in the fridge – make versatile sauces which can be used as a marinade, condiment, or dip and make them so tasty that you will struggle not to eat the whole jar in one sitting;
8. We love meat, but we want to keep our non meat eating friends happy too– All but one of our products are vegetarian and vegan friendly and gluten free. The exception is Sriracha sauce as we haven’t found a good enough veggie substitute for fish sauce yet. We are working on this!
9. Support local – You will only find us in independent, small business outlets, and we use locally sourced ingredients or local suppliers wherever possible;
10. We dun’t like to chelp – we let our customers do that – so please do tell your friends about us.