A Surprise of Pigeon

Main courseServes 4

# Season the pigeons with salt and cracked black pepper. # Using a butter knife apply the softened butter inside and around the bird. # Remove the leaves off the rosemary and thyme, chop finely, then sprinkle the herbs over and inside the birds. # Take the peeled quartered apples and stuff them inside the pigeons, this will give the pigeons a sweet centre and enhance the flavours, and taste great alongside the puff pastry and red wine jus. # Now roll out the pastry and wrap up the pigeons individually so that the birds are totally encased in the dough. # Mould the pastry around the legs of the pigeon and allow the bones to stick out slightly. # Next, put the egg yolks and a large pinch of salt in a bowl and mix together using a pastry brush.


* 4 pigeons plucked and cleaned * 11/2 kg of puff pastry (chilled) * 1/2 block of butter * 4 sprigs of thyme * 4 sprigs rosemary * Salt and pepper * 3 egg yolks for glazing the pastry * 4 small eating apples (peeled and quartered)