Stilton & Fig Sourdough Bruschetta

StarterServes 2

Perfect for a sharing supper this Valentine’s Day or even a simple weekend lunch, these delicious Stilton and Fig Bruschetta use toasted sourdough for added crunch along with Charlie and Ivy’s bread dippers for an extra zing of flavour. Made on farm in the Yorkshire Wolds using locally-grown rapeseed oil, Charlie and Ivy’s range of gourmet mayonnaises, dressings and bread dippers are available online at and at delis and farm shops throughout the country.  


  • 6 slices white sourdough bread
  • 4 fresh figs
  • 1 bag washed watercress
  • 150g Stilton (or more if you like it super cheesy!)
  • A drizzle of your favourite bread dipper – we love to use Garlic, Oregano & Balsamic



  1. Lightly toast your sourdough and brush with a little of your dipper. Place on a serving platter and top each slice with a handful of watercress.
  2. Slice each fig into 6 and gently place 4 pieces on each bruschetta. Crumble the Stilton and scatter onto the bruschetta, finish with a final drizzle of your bread dipper. Our favourite dippers for this recipe are: Garlic, Oregano & Balsamic - Lemon, Balsamic and Juniper Berry or Smoked Garlic and Black Peppercorn. Enjoy!