Strawberry Shortcake

DessertServes 4


# Sieve the plain flour. Add the remainder of the dry ingredients and then add the butter. # Mix together until it forms a paste, do not overmix. # Roll out on a dusted floured work surface and cut out into discs. You will need 3 discs for each dessert. # Chill for 10 minutes then bake at 170°c for approximately 10 minutes until cooked.

Chantilly Cream

# Whip the cream, caster sugar and vanilla in a bowl until stiff. # Place the mixture into a piping bag.


# Place a blob of cream in the centre of each plate and place a disc of shortbread on top. # Swirl the Chantilly cream over the disc and then place the sliced strawberries on the top and repeat this process for the next layer. # Finally place a disc of shortbread on the top with a final swirl of cream and half a strawberry and a sprig of mint to garnish. # Serve with vanilla ice cream.


* 2 punnets of local strawberries washed, hulled and sliced
* 1 sprig of mint


* 250g plain flour
* 250g unsalted butter
* 125g cornflour
* 125g sugar

Chantilly Cream

* 1 pint double cream
* Seeds from 1 large vanilla pod
* 100g caster sugar