Watermelon, mint and strawberry smoothie

DrinkServes 1

Banish your standard cereal this summer with this deliciously healthy watermelon, mint and strawberry smoothie from the team at North Yorkshire based granola company, Perfect Provender. Pairing cooling watermelon, mint and strawberry with one of their locally produced, granolas this quick and easy breakfast is super easy, needs minimal ingredients and tastes delicious! For more information on Perfect provender visit their website www.perfectprovender.com  


1/4 Watermelon, roughly chopped (seeds left in or removed depending on your preference)

Roughly 8-10 frozen strawberries

1 small sprig of fresh mint

Perfect Provender Granola


  1. Place all of the ingredients into a blender and blitz until smooth!
  2. Serve with Perfect Provender granola as a tasty breakfast or snack, or pour in a glass a slurp away!