Want to tell your hogget from your mutton, your chasseur from your chimichurri, your flat iron from your featherblade?

If you’re befuddled by blanching, confused by coddling and perplexed by parboiling then Tim Bilton’s new book ““ Bilton Basics ““ giving you the know-how to knock up restaurant standard dishes in the comfort of your own kitchen.

The plain-speaking Yorkshire chef/proprietor of The Butchers Arms in Hepworth takes budding cooks back to basics in his new book, sharing more than 50 of his favourite recipes in a simple, easy-to-read format, alongside store cupboard secrets and in-depth guides that include how to select meat and fish cuts, how to prepare and roast a turkey, and how to make basic sauces and stocks.

“The title is a pun on ‘Built on Basics’ and that’s exactly what it’s all about ““ recipes and essential cooking skills with a touch of plain speaking,” says Tim, who trained in the kitchens of Raymond Blanc. “It’s all about getting the textbook stuff right before moving on to more complex techniques.

“In this industry, young chefs can’t be great chefs without a foundation in the basics no matter what style of cooking they want to do. I see so many new kids making spheres out of seaweed veloute before they can make a stock!”

Bilton Basics also exemplifies Tim’s enthusiasm for Yorkshire produce ““ The Butchers Arms has won a clutch of national awards for its seasonal, locally-sourced food, including a prestigious 2013 ‘Top 50 Gastropubs’ listing ““ with recipes including Yorkshire rhubarb and game. Needless to say, there is also a recipe for the perfect Yorkshire pudding!

Bilton Basics is available in bookshops or direct from the Butchers Arms on 01484 682361 or info@thebutchersarmshepworth.co.uk