Don’t circumnavigate the globe for a dollop of cranberry sauce this Christmas ““ look local instead and treat your turkey to a spoonful of sloes.

While the average cranberry sauce has travelled a whopping 3,200 miles from the US to grace our festive feasts, native sloes grow all over the UK and taste just as delicious with turkey and all the trimmings.

Julia Medforth, from Raisthorpe Manor Fine Foods, is urging foodies to sloe down and ditch the costly cranberry condiments this year in favour of a Sloe Port Jelly, made from sloes that are handpicked on the Raisthorpe estate in Malton, North Yorkshire.

The judiciously-sourced jelly ““ which is already a winner in the taste stakes, winning ‘Best Preserve’ at this year’s Beverley Food Festival ““ is perfect with the Christmas roast and many other festive favourites.

“We always reach for the same old cranberry sauce each year but I think it’s time we embraced our local berries and saved on those air miles!” says Julia. “The tang of sloes with a luxurious sip of Port is the perfect partner to rich meats and vegetables this Christmas, but it can also be used on the cheeseboard and with desserts too. Give it a sloe!”