About the Bees

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About the Bees produces unique and flavoursome honey harvested in two contrasting locations in North & West Yorkshire and the coastal hills of Dalmatia in Central, Eastern Europe (in the beautiful home village of our Head Bee-Keeper, Branko). Our honey-bees collect nectar from Rapeseed, Wild Heather, Wild Flowers and Wild Sage to produce delicious and healthy pots of pleasure.

Branko also offers beekeeping courses for beginners, as well as mentoring for more seasoned beekeepers.

About the Heritage
Bees are our family business and keeping them busy is our sole aim. Branko gathered his vast experience alongside his late father upon the sunny hills of coastal Dalmatia as a young boy. After moving to West Yorkshire in the early 1990s, Branko was keen to transfer the knowledge of his proud heritage in order to produce only the finest and most authentic honey from his new back-garden. Our honey boasts the unique and contrasting natural flavours of these 2 equally beautiful and productive settings for honey-bees.