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Based in beautiful North Yorkshire, Nine Tines was created by two families with a shared passion for three simple things: the Yorkshire landscape; the power of heritage and legacy; and a desire to craft a unique collection of delicious premium spirits with integrity at its heart. Our decision to use potatoes in our vodka bucks modern trends by literally going against the grain, all in the name of creating a product whose provenance and quality is virtually unmatched. For us, that is essential.

Our exceptional award winning small-batch premium vodka is a celebration of this iconic British produce, putting the potato on the pedestal it deserves. Preferring a less-trodden path, we know better than to use mass-produced grain spirit as our foundation. Instead, we start from scratch and place potatoes centre stage, using the finest examples lovingly grown in the lush and fertile lands of glorious North Yorkshire. Lands we’ve farmed for four generations.

Insisting on handling the entire process ourselves, our vodka is carefully crafted from field to bottle within just a nine mile area. With its flawlessly silky palate and exquisitely clean finish, Nine Tines isn’t just irresistibly delectable, it’s wonderfully versatile too – as delicious over ice as it is in a cocktail. Smooth, satisfying and impeccably authentic – this is English vodka made how it should be. Vodka elevated far beyond what you’ve come to expect.