Get to know more about Cridling…

Cridling kombucha has been developed by Claire Tolley over the last five years. It came about while Claire was researching into gut health as a way of improving her own health after some quite serious health concerns.

Cridling kombucha is a fresh kombucha, meaning it contains live cultures (lactic acid bacteria) and is stored refrigerated (for around 3 month). As Cridling is more about the natural health aspect, it is fermented to its optimum state which means it is slightly more alcoholic than those you would normally find on an ambient shop shelf. It averages at about 1%abv, which is around ¼ of a UK unit of alcohol per can/serving. This is extremely low and let’s not forget the health benefits of a low amount of alcohol.

Cridling kombucha is bursting full of health benefits including Polyphenols, antioxidants, B-vitamins, enzymes, acetic acid and let’s not forget the lactic acid bacteria or the low alcohol content. It is all natural and naturally low calorie. More and more customers are choosing Cridling as the perfect, classy drink on a night out or an evening in.