Heck Sausages

Get to know more about Heck Sausages…

We are the Keebles. Making sausages is in our blood and we’ve been doing it for years. We pride ourselves on our service and flavour and pull out all the stops to deliver farmers’ market quality sausages wherever you are. We work the farm, the shows and in the factory to ensure we offer the most unique, healthy and most delicious sausages around. We are British and proudly independent!

One generation on, we’re all working together on the family farm to bring you sausages packed to the skin with quality, flavour and inspiration.

Every time we perfect a new recipe, we get our friends and family round. The more the merrier. If we could, everybody would have a place round our kitchen table. So with Heck, we’re doing the next best thing – sending our awesome products out to you instead. Come on, tuck in….