Holme Farmed Venison

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Yorkshireman Nigel Sampson returned to his roots in 1990 following two years as estate manager on the Isle of Jura on the West Coast of Scotland. Using his experience and passion of deer farming he has turned a one man farm into a company that produces award-winning prime venison – Holme Farmed Venison.

Today this family run business has a staff of 40, a purpose-built production facility in Yorkshire and a herd of 2,000 native red deer which he manages on his own farm and a number of associated farms. Nigel puts the business’s success down to two things: firstly the quality and full flavour of its products, and secondly the emergence of venison as ‘the new beef’. Once a meat favoured by the aristocracy and royalty, venison has over the years become more mainstream. “Venison has shrugged off its claret and tweed image and has become very popular as a healthier, lower fat alternative that’s naturally high in omega 3 fatty acids and versatile enough for both the summer barbecue and the winter roast or casserole” said Nigel.

Quality is the by-word for Holme Farmed Venison and Nigel believes this, coupled with the growing popularity of venison as a lower fat and cholesterol, higher protein alternative to beef, is at the heart of his company’s success.