Laceys Cheese & The Udder One

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Lacey’s Cheese
Lacey’s Cheese are traditional cheese makers from Reeth, a beautiful village in the heart of North Yorkshire.

As we’ve been making cheese for the people of the North East for many years, we’ve developed a strong range of cheeses that our customers love.

We make each and every one of our cheeses using local milk and traditional methods. All of our handmade cheeses are also vegetarian and made with pasteurised milk.

Our aim is to bring people great cheese, made using handmade and traditional methods, to the people of the North East (and all over the world!). We make a range of cheese from sweet cheddars to crumbly wendsleydales, tangy goats cheeses to creamy blues. We offer a range of other products, such as cheese making courses & kits, and cheese wedding cakes. Find more about some of the products we make on our website.

The Udder One
In 2019 our head cheesemaker Simon joined forces with good friend David Fawcett, head goat miller for an award-winning goat farmer. Together they created goats milk ice cream, which is not only udderly delicious, but also less allergenic and more nutritious than cows milk. Flavours include Lime Cheesecake, Pistachio, and Double Chocolate.