Live Kefir Company

Get to know more about Live Kefir Company…

Live Kefir Company was born in 2017 by two food loving Millenials – Scott & Imogen, making Kefir (KEFF-er) in the traditional way using Live Kefir Grains. All our products are lovingly handmade and contain billions of beneficial bacteria.

Our Cow’s milk is from Paynes Dairies and our Goat’s milk is from St Helen’s Farm. Our range of products has grown over the last 12 months and now includes fruit smoothies in both Cow’s and Goat’s Kefir. Our best selling Kefir Coconut milk Kefir, we like to work with Yorkshire companies but we haven’t found any that grow Coconuts yet!

Our Kefir products are being consumed all over the UK and have a big following in Yorkshire. Regular Consumption of beneficial bacteria keeps your gut balanced and your microbiota happy! We are proud to say we are the only Kefir producer to have over 30 approved health benefits throughout our range.