Source Climate Change Coffee

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Source Climate Change Coffees reflect some of the finest tasting organic coffees from traditional smallholder communities in South America and Africa.  Each single origin coffee has its own unique character and flavour, determined by the deep richness of the soil and the altitude of the cloud forest  where the coffee is grown. The flavour profiles range from ‘praline nuttiness’ from the depths of the Ocote Biosphere in the Mexican Sierra Cloud Forests, to ‘Citrus Highlights with Caramel Sweetness’ from Gishwati Forests some 35 miles  from one of the world’s greatest ecological hotspots that is Virunga Park on the borders of Rwanda.

Each bag & tin has a unique carbon tracking number to show farmers on-going conservation efforts at the cloud forest of origin. For every bag sold, local farmers plant trees to support the forest and their families.

Cristina Talens is the Founder and Director of Source Climate Change Coffee and has over 15 years experience in ethical trade, sustainability and rainforest protection, having worked as Ethical Trading Manager for a leading Roast & Ground coffee company and alongside conservation organisations developing the United Bank of Carbon.