The Fat Birds Bakery

Get to know more about The Fat Birds Bakery…

We have been lifelong friends since meeting at the age of 4 on our first day of primary school and have been a part of each other’s lives ever since. We both have childhood memories of baking together and with family, and forcing them to eat our new ‘recipes’, luckily our baking has definitely improved since then!

As we have got older, gained a few pounds and our families have grown, the more time we have spent in the kitchen with the little birds, we realized the passion for baking we once had was still there, and then one day with a mouth full of brownie the Fat Birds were born!

We offer a selection of delicious homemade treats, made to order, ready to pick up or delivered to your door.
We’re certain you’ll love our delicious cakes, brownies, cookies and other homemade bakes.

Whatever you need for any occasion, we’ve got it covered.

Kirstie & Leanne x