The Swaledale Cheese Company

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Swaledale cheese has been made in the Dale that bears its name for centuries.
It is thought that cheese making was first brought to the Yorkshire Dales in the 11th century by Cistercian monks who arrived from Normandy and settled in the local abbeys. They in turn passed on the cheese making techniques to the local farmers of Swaledale and thus, Swaledale cheese was born.

Since then Swaledale cheese has provided a fine array of artisan cheeses including Traditional Swaledale cow’s milk cheese, Ewes milk cheese, Goats milk cheese, Swaledale Blue cheese, Richmond smoked cheese, Swaledale chives and garlic cheese, Courage – smoked goats cheese, Old Peculier cheese, Bedale cheese, Mature cheddar cheese.

Our fine cheeses are sold all over the UK in Waitrose, Selfridges, John Lewis and many delicatessen, restaurants and Cheese shops.