The Yummy Yank

Get to know more about The Yummy Yank…

I’m Lisa Gair, also known as The Yummy Yank, an American living in the UK since 1997.

Passionate about all things food, I’ve taken my love of baking from my home kitchen to a thriving business providing delicious bakes across the UK.

We create authentic American desserts adding our own signature twists, turning old time favourites into 21st century classics.

We bake classics such as rich American style brownies and bars/traybakes in over 20 different varieties. We make a selection of layer cakes and our signature cake/cheesecake combinations. Most of our layer cake flavours can also be made into loaf cakes, a perfect size for when you want that little treat.

Yummy Yank products can be found online here, food festivals, retail outlets and by private orders or catering. We are very excited to offer you online shopping, so everyone can enjoy The Yummy Yank’s deliciousness!