Ye Old Sun Inn & Fairfax Distillery

Get to know more about Ye Old Sun Inn & Fairfax Distillery…

Traditional village pub and events venue, and home of the Fairfax Distillers and Chocolatiers.

18 years after we took the keys to Ye Old Sun Inn, the aftermath of the covid pandemic and the increasing cost of living forced us to change and reinvent ourselves so that we could keep the Sun at the heart of the village where it has always been.

The awards, accolades and reputation we’ve gained over the years didn’t mean anything if we couldn’t afford to continue to keep the business running. Ashley had made a name for himself with his Chocolate work and Sculptures, appearing on many TV programmes over the last few years, Kelly had ventured into the art of Spirit Distilling, developing the ‘Fairfax Distillery’ brand in 2020. When we actually thought of it, we didn’t know why we hadn’t thought of it before now, why don’t we bring all the arms of the business together under one big umbrella and use the Sun Inn as the HQ for Fairfax Distillers and Chocolatiers?

So from October 2022, Ye Old Sun Inn was now ‘Ye Old Sun Inn, home of Fairfax Distillers and Chocolatiers’. Our Distilling Still (called Mary- they all have names!) was installed and our licenses were granted…. Time to make the Sun shine once more!

We have amended our opening hours and have become more of a venue for events, but our ethos for great hospitality and the very best in food and drink still prevail.