Yorkshire Wolds Apple Juice

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Located on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds close to the traditional market town of Malton, Yorkshire Wolds Apple Juice Co. is a small family run enterprise with its roots well and truly planted in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Wolds Apple Juice Co prides itself on pressing 100% English fruit in small batches using traditional methods to produce a range of naturally delicious, award winning, artisan juices.

We are proud of the fact that we have full provenance of all our juices from the moment the fruit arrives from the growers. We check all fruit ourselves by hand to ensure the quality of the fruit being pressed. The fruit is scooped by hand and folded into traditional “cheeses” before being pressed. We bottle and pasteurise each small batch of juice ourselves. As orders arrive we label, box and prepare it either for collection by our distributors or for delivery ourselves. We love working with other small independent, businesses.

Our juice is made using a simple, traditional cold press method, meaning it retains all its wonderful taste, amazing colour and appetizing aroma. From the moment the fruit arrives we have full provenance of our juice, something we are incredibly proud of. All our juices are traditional and taste of nothing but the fruit they were made from, there’s something to tickle everyone’s taste buds in our range of 11 juices. Our juices really are a taste of English seasons as we juice each fruit seasonally when they are at their best and most flavoursome.

As well as pressing our own juices, in early autumn we provide a fruit pressing service for people to bring along their orchard fruit to be pressed into juice. We guarantee that each customer only receives the juice from their own fruit. A perfect way to use bumper harvests of apples and pears that can be enjoyed all year round as well as given to friends and family as a special gift.

We have worked on several product collaborations with local businesses and can offer contract pressing & pasteurisation services.