Prashad Christmas Menu

*Prashad Christmas Menu*

Popadoms & Pickles

Pattra: Marinated Chard parcels
Paneer Pakora: Paneer with spinach infused batter
Pethis: spice infused fresh coconut pate
Hara Bara Kebab with artichokes:
Sharing Special Chaat

Palak Paneer: Cottage cheese with spinach stew
Aloo Gobi: Florets with baby potatoes
Winter squash & channa dhal:

Rotli ““ unleavened bread
Lal Baath: Beetroot infused basmati rice

Cinnamon cheesecake, with cranberry ice cream

Available 16th ““ 31st December
Closed Christmas Day
Open Monday 22nd & 29th Dec from 17.00