A Show of Yorkshire Pork

Main courseServes 6

h4. For the loin # Preheat your oven to its highest setting (250cgas 9) and put an oiled baking tray into the oven to get hot. # Season the loin of pork with salt and pepper. # Place your pork onto your heated tray and roast for 15-20 minutes. # Then, turn the oven's heat down to 180°c and roast for approx 25 minutes per 450g until cooked through. h4. For the fillet # Cut your fillets in half crossways and season well. Roll in flour, then egg, then polenta. # Heat one tbsp of oil in a frying pan and fry the meat for 2-3 minutes until browned. # The roast for 15 minutes until cooked through. h4. For the terrine # Make the filling by dicing up or mincing the pork, add the egg. Place in a food processor and purée. # Place in a bowl and add the diced pork, black pudding, button onions, sage and flat leaf parsley. # Gently fold in, season well with salt and freshly ground pepper. # Roll in cling film and tin foil. # Place the terrine in a large deep roasting pan and place in the oven. # Carefully pour in hot water around the terrine until the water reaches half way up the terrine. # Bake for 50 minutes to 1 hour until cooked through. # Best served at room temperature. h4. For the apples # Melt butter and sauté the apples. # Add a touch of lime juice and warm for another few minutes. h4. For the sauce # Sauté the shallots, add the vinegar until its almost evaporated. # Add the port, reduce to half, add red wine and reduce by half again. # Add the chicken stock and simmer for 1 hour, strain and adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper. Best served with butternut squash purée, seasonal Yorkshire vegetables and creamed potatoes.


h4. Loin of Pork * 800g pork loin h4. Pork Fillets * 2 x 200g pork fillets * 100g flour * 100g polenta * 1 egg * Handful of basil h4. Diced Apples * 150g apples, peeled, cored and cut into cubes * Juice of half of lime h4. For the terrine * 250g Diced pork * 200g Belly pork minced or chopped * 250g Diced black pudding * 1 egg * 10 sage leaves, chopped * 5g flat-leafed parsley, chopped h4. For the sauce * 7ml sherry vinegar * 50ml port * 500ml veal or chicken stock * 2 shallots * 100ml red wine