Bacalao Al Horno

Main courseServes 2

# Peel the potatoes and cut into thin slices suitable for frying, salt lightly toss and leave allowing liquid to drain away. # Finely chop garlic # Slice spring onions # Cut cod into roughly 10cm square pieces lightly coat with seasoned flour # Take a heavy bottomed frying pan, pour 15cm of the oil into the pan and heat, and cook cod on a medium heat until golden in colour turning carefully ensuring the fish does not break. # When cooked drain and place in a dish until ready to serve keeping it warm # Shallow fry the potatoes until they begin to soften and turn golden. Remove from pan and leave to drain. Cook the potatoes in small batches to prevent them sticking. # In a heavy bottomed pan add 1cm of extra virgin olive oil add finely chopped garlic and spring onions cook gently until softened add tinned tomatoes oregano and a good slug of white wine, season to taste. # Place a ring on a plate and layer up the tomatoes and potatoes then place the fish on top remove the ring and decorate as you wish then serve


* 1.5kg Cod thick pieces
* Tinned chopped plum tomatoes
* 5 large Potatoes peeled and cut into slices
* 4 x Spring onions chopped into1 cm pieces (including green)
* 4 x Garlic
* 1tbs Oregano
* 1 glass White wine (dry)
* Extra virgin olive oil
* Flour to dust
* Salt pepper to season & sugar to sweeten