Beef with Yorkshire Blue

Main courseServes 4

# Heat 1tbsp oil in griddle pan, cook steaks, keep underdone, take out and keep warm. # Put in chopped shallots and cook slowly, do not colour. # Add Whiskey and flambé. Extinguish by adding white wine and reduce by 1/3. # Add chicken stock and reduce by 1/2. Add double cream and reduce. # Take from the heat, put diced cheese into sauce and allow to melt. # Meanwhile cut potatoes into 1/4's diced. Fry in 1tsbsp oil and 1oz butter until cooked and golden brown, when cooked, remove most of fat, add rubbed thyme and season. # At the same time melt 1oz butter. Sweat crushed garlic, add green beans and reheat, season. # Serve the steaks over the green beans. Pour the sauce over the steaks and potatoes around.

Recipe specially created by Brian Turner


* 6oz Yorkshire Blue
* 4 x 6oz Fillet Steaks
* 2 Chopped shallots
* 2floz Whiskey
* 1 glass White wine
* 1/4pt Chicken stock
* 1/4pt Double cream
* 12oz Green cooking beans
* 2oz Butter
* Clove of garlic
* 12oz Potatoes
* 2tbsp Oil
* 1tsp Picked fresh thyme
* Salt and pepper