Butt’s Bloomer from Farnley Market

Side dishServes 6

To make the Sponge Disperse the pinch yeast in tepid milk (around 20°C) In a bowl mix the milk and yeast with the flour until the dough comes together. Cover the bowl with cling film & ferment in a warm place (18 to 20°C) for 16 to 20 hours Final Mix Soften the butter until very soft but not melted Warm the milk until tepid then crumble the yeast into the milk & mix until dissolved – Place the milk/yeast mixture in a large mixing bowl Add flour and the pre prepared sponge to the mixing bowl Bring ingredients together & knead for around 3 minutes, then add the salt. Knead for a further 5 minutes until gluten is well developed Add butter & knead until incorporated then add the honey & knead again until incorporated. Ferment  the mixture in a warm place (around 24°C) for 2 hours. Fold the dough twqice throughout this period, leaving at least a 45 minute interval between each fold. Once fermented divide  the dough into 2x 500 gram pieces and shape each one into your desired shape

  • If you are baking a tin loaf, oil the tin lightly first before placing your dough in it
  • If you would prefer to make a boule (round) or batard (oblong) loaf, dust your banneton (proving basket) prior to placing your dough in it
Finally prove for a further 45 minutes or until ready in a warm place (24° C), ensuring your dough is covered to prevent skinning over. When proved, brush an egg wash with a mixture of 1 egg to 2 egg yolks & a pinch of salt over the dough. Slash the surface of the dough & bake on a baking tray at 230°C for 30 minutes or until a rich golden colour is achieved Turn out of tin (if necessary) & cool on wire racks.


Makes 2 x 500g loaves


For the Sponge

174g of Organic Strong White Flour

A tiny pinch of instant dried yeast

104g of Whole Milk

For the Final Mix

405g of Organic Strong White Flour

6g of Fresh Yeast (or 3g instant dried yeast)

11g of Salt

278g of Whole Milk

18g of Butter

6g of Honey


1 or 2 eggs for egg wash