Gloucester Old Spot Suckling Pig Loin

Main courseServes 8

# Pre-heat oven to 180°C, Gas Mark 4. Brush the loin with vegetable oil and sprinkle liberally with salt. # Place in a roasting tray and cook for approx 35 to 40 minutes depending on the width of the eye of the loin meat. # Turn the loin a couple of times to ensure even cooking and crackling. # Whilst the loin is cooking, mould the sausagemeat, crumbled black pudding, 10g garden sage and seasoning into small balls 4 to 5cm in diameter. # Wrap in caul fat to keep compacted and tight (if available). If caul fat is unavailable, grilling the bundles is gentler. # Place in oven for the last 10 to15 minutes of cooking around the pork loin. # Peel the apples and with the aid of a parisienne scoop (melon baller!), scoop out six balls from each apple. # Set aside in cold water with a squeeze of lemon to keep colour. *To make the soubise cream:* # Gently sweat off the finely diced white onion in a little butter for 5 to 6 minutes, then just cover with the cream. # Reduce the cream by about a half, as the onion absorbs it. # Lightly season with white pepper and salt, blend in a liquidiser, check the consistency, it should be fairly thick but still runny, keep warm. # When the pork is cooked, remove from the roasting tray get any excess salt out of the tray and then add the cider, cinnamon and star anise. # Scrape the sediment from the bottom of the tray, add the veal stock and simmer for 3 to 4 minutes. # Pass through a chinois or fine sieve, add the apple balls and a pinch of chopped sage, then check the seasoning.


* 1 x Loin boned and rolled Gloucester Old Spot suckling pig or similar (approx 2kg in weight)

Black pudding bundle

* 100g Pork sausagemeat
* 30g Black pudding
* 25g Chopped
* Garden sage
* Seasoning
* 10g Caul fat

Soubise cream

* 1 Peeled and finely diced white onion
* 5g Unsalted butter
* 150ml Whipping cream
* 250ml Dry cider
* Vegetable oil
* Seasoning
* 4 x Local ordered eating apples
* 1/2 Lemon
* 2 Cinnamon sticks/bark or a pinch of ground cinnamon
* 1 Star anise
* 1 litre Veal stock