Grilled Sardines, Wild Garlic, Pancetta & Avocado

StarterServes 4

A light, delicious dish, perfect as a starter or for lunch.


4 large scaled, gutted & butterflied fresh sardines

8 wild garlic leaves

4 slices of thinly sliced pancetta (ask your local butcher)


1 avocado


  1. Wash the sardines and place skin side down on a chopping board, cutting the heads off if you wish.
  1. Spoon some of the mayonnaise down the middle of the fish.
  1. Fold one of the sides back over, put a leaf of the garlic on both sides of the fish and roll in the pancetta. Place in the fridge for an hour or so.
  1. For the avocado, skin and de-stone and blitz in a bender for a few minutes with salt & pepper.
  1. Cook the sardines by placing in a hot frying pan and then place under a grill for 2/3 minutes.
  1. Serve with the purée, salad leaves & olive oil.