Grouse Pate

StarterServes 4

With the Glorious Twelfth on the horizon and the popularity of local game on the increase – why not try this simple but delicious Grouse Pate from Norman Mackenzie at the Feversham Arms Hotel & Verbena Spa in Helmsley.  Serve with rye bread and rowan berry jelly for a tasty seasonal treat.




2 Grouse Legs

Meat from the body (everything excluding the Breast)

1 Grouse Heart

1 Grouse Liver

1 Banana Shallot

50 g Dripping

1 Rasher of Smoked Bacon

1 Bulb of Garlic

50 ml Gin

50 ml Port

50 ml Brandy

1 Sprig of Thyme

1 Sprig of Rosemary

50 g Butter

10 Juniper Berries (save 4 to decorate)

8 Tarragon Leaves

1 tbsp Rowan Jelly (or Cranberry Sauce)

Jack by the Hedge Leaves (optional)

Salt & Pepper to Season

Bay Leaf


  1. Gather any meat from the legs and body, add the heart and liver, and roughly chop into small pieces.
  2. Add the meat and dripping to a hot frying pan and sauté for 10 minutes.
  3. Chop the bacon into small pieces and add to the pan with the shallot and garlic and continue to cook for a further 5 minutes.
  4. Once cooked, remove from the heat and blitz in a food processor until blended.
  5. In another pan, add the gin, port, brandy, juniper berries, thyme, rosemary, bay leaf and rowan jelly (or cranberry sauce) and bring to the boil.  Reduce to a simmer and cook until the liquid is reduced by half.
  6. Pass through a fine sieve and then fold into the blended meat.
  7. Blend the mixture in the food processor until very smooth and season to taste.
  8. Divide the mixture into four ramekin dishes and place in the fridge to cool.
  9. When cooled, top with melted butter and decorate with a Juniper Berry and two tarragon leaves.
 Chef’s Tip:  This will keep in the refrigerator for three days.