Katy’s White Lavender Cheese & Pork Escalope

Main courseServes 6

# Soak the raisins in the dry sherry for a few hours or overnight to get a fuller flavour. # Roll out each escallop on a lightly floured board, beat with a tenderiser mallet until they are a thin as possible. # Grate the Katys White Lavender on a fine gauge blade. Spread each of the escalope with a layer of cheese and then sprinkle the raisins over the top evenly. Press the cheese and the raisins into the meat. Roll each escalope up and secure with a cocktail stick. Pan fry in the oil for 10-15 mins or until they are brown on all sides. Place in an ovenproof dish and keep warm. # To make the glaze, pour the sherry into a frying pan and stir in the lavender mustard, bring up the heat and reduce the sauce until it thickens. Coat each escallop roll with a spoonful of sauce. # Serve with new Potatoes and a fresh green salad.


* 125g Katys White Lavender
* 6 x Pork escalope
* 50gRaisins
* 50ml Dry Sherry
* 30ml Olive Oil (Optional Glaze)
* 60ml Dry Sherry
* 2tsp Lavender Mustard