Mini Wagyu Beef Wellingtons

Main courseServes 2

Celebrate the end of British Beef Week, which recognises the quality and sustainability of this fantastic product with this deliciously classic recipe from the team at East Yorkshire based Warrendale Wagyu. Using their award-winning Wagyu fillets alongside their beef dripping and wasabi mustard for an added kick, this timeless dish makes two mini wellingtons and is perfect for a weekend supper at home. For more recipe inspiration and to buy their range online visit


2 x 6oz Wagyu Fillets
1 x Shallot
1 x Garlic Clove
120g Button Mushrooms
1 x small sprig of thyme
2 x Sheets of pre-prepped rolled puff pastry
1 x medium egg
100ml milk
1tbs Plain flour
1tsp Wasabi Mustard
pinch of salt and pepper
1tbs Wagyu Beef Dripping


  1. Pre heat the oven to 200 degrees.
  2. Heat a frying pan on a medium to high heat, then add the beef dripping. Once melted add the finely sliced mushroom, shallot, thyme and garlic to the pan, then lower the heat and let it all sweat together to make a paste.
  3. While that is sweating make your pancake by mixing together the egg, milk, and flour in a bowl. Brush a frying pan with oil and add a small ladle of batter. When the batter starts to bubble flip it over and cnce cooked leave to one side. 1 pancake will be needed for each wellington.
  4. Add the wasabi mustard to the mushroom paste in the pan.
  5. In a separate pan add a 1tbs of beef dripping and bring to a medium/high heat.
  6. Season your fillet steak on both sides then add to the hot pan to brown – but don’t cook through.
  7. To build your beef wellington - place your cooled pancakes on a clean surface and add ½ the mushroom paste and spread out before placing the fillet on top and then wrap the pancake around the steak.
  8. On a clean surface lay out your pastry and place one pancake parcel in the middle of each of the pastries. Brush the edges of the pastry with an egg wash and fold the pastry around the pancake parcel, trimming away any excess pastry.
  9. When your mini wellingtons are assembled egg wash the top of each parcel and lightly score before putting them both in the pre-heated oven for 12-14 minutes.
  10. Once golden-brown remove from the oven and serve.