Summer Fruit Clafoutis

DessertServes 4

# Place 4 paella style pans each with a small amount of oil in a medium oven (190ºC) until smoking. # Prepare the fruits by cutting into halves or quarters as required. # Pour ½ inch of Yorkshire pudding batter in each and place in the oven for 1 minute. # Remove again from the oven and scatter a selection of summer fruits over the top of the batter mix (but hold some back for garnish) and return to the oven immediately for 25-30 minutes. # Once cooked remove from the oven, garnish with the remainder of the summer fruits and sprinkle with icing sugar. # Serve immediately with a jug of piping hot vanilla custard? or ice cream!


* 1 quantity of “Yorkshire Pudding Batter” but with no salt and pepper, and with the addition of 50g caster sugar and some freshly chopped mint
* Selection of soft fruits (we used fig, raspberries, strawberries and redcurrants)
* Drizzle oil (Wharf Valley)
* Fresh vanilla custard to serve