Trio of Yorkshire Apples

DessertServes 6

For the apple and bramble crumble:

# Peeland rough chop the apples, simmer in a pan with the cinnamon, a little water and a lid on until just cooked, remove from heat, add brambles and sugar to taste. # To make the crumble mix the flour and butter to a fine crumb then add the sugar and oats. # Place the stewed apple mix in 4 little pots and top with the crumble, finish in the oven for 5-10 minutes.

For the sticky apple sponge:

# Reduce the apple juice and sugar to a thick syrup then add the apple, boil until syrup consistency again. # For the sponge beat butter and sugar, beat in the eggs then fold in flour and cinnamon (and calvados if using). # Steam in individual buttered moulds.

For the apple sorbet:

# Puree raw apple, place in ice cream machine with all liquid and churn.

To present the dish:

# Turn out the sponge onto a presentation plate, spoon over with the sticky apple, place the hot crumble in the pot onto the plate, place a ball of sorbet on the plate and garnish with fresh brambles and frothy custard.


Apple crumble filling

* 1kg Cooking apples
* 100g Fresh brambles
* Caster sugar
* Cinnamon stick

Crumble topping

* 200g Plain flour
* 75g Demerara sugar
* 100g Butter
* 50g Oats

Sticky apple sponge

* 1ltr Apple juice
* 100g Sugar
* 4 Eating apples (cut into small dice with skin on)


* 125g Butter
* 125g Caster sugar
* 125g Self raising flour
* 2 Eggs
* Pinch of ground cinnamon
* 50ml Calvados (optional)


* 4 Eating apples (peeled and chopped)
* 150ml Sugar syrup
* 150ml Apple juice
* Juice of half a lemon