Yorkshire Asparagus with Poached Egg Ravioli

StarterServes 2

To make the raviolis first:

# Around three hours before serving sieve the flour into a bowl separate 2 of the eggs and save the whites for another use. # Mix one whole egg with the 2 egg yolks and pour this onto the flour add 1tbsp of cold water and mix into smooth stiff dough. # Kneed well by hand until fully soft and pliable (this can take 15 minutes).

Now to prepare the raviolis:

# Roll the pasta into long thin sheets in a pasta machine. Cut large disks of the sheets with a espresso cup saucer. You will need 4 large disks. # Crack the 2 eggs carefully into a small container. Now place the first disk onto the saucer and carefully pour the egg into the dip in the middle of the disk. # Place another disk carefully on top and seal around the edge by firmly pressing down (the raviolis will now keep for a couple of hours in a fridge). # Bring a large pan of water to the boil and add plenty of sea salt. Cook your asparagus until tender but not floppy (depending on the size around 4-6 minutes) take out the asparagus and pop on warm plates now carefully put the raviolis into the boiling water and time 1 minute 30 seconds. # Remove the raviolis with a slotted spoon drain well and season with salt, white pepper and olive oil and place carefully on top of your asparagus. # Shave parmesan onto the plates and a little olive oil to finish.


* 1 bunch Yorkshire asparagus timed
* 200g Pasta flour
* 6 Free range Yorkshire eggs
* Olive oil
* Small block parmesan
* Salt and white pepper