Sloemotion Cherry Brandy Fudge

DessertServes 8

A sweet treat with a boozy twist, this Cherry Brandy Fudge from the team at Sloemotion will really hit the spot. Using their award-winning Cherry Brandy, these tiny squares of deliciousness are the perfect afternoon pick me up, are easy to make and can be adapted to include your favourite fruity tipple. For more information on Sloemotion’s award winning range and to buy online visit

Peanut Butter and Vanilla Fudge

SnackServes 16

Inspired by the 2012 DY Award winning Goat's Butter from St Helen's Farm, this delicious fudge was created for our networking event at The Cooking School Dean Clough by the talented chef, Jason Main. 1. Mix the sugar and goat milk together in a pan and cook over a medium heat. 2. Boil gently until the mixture reaches the soft ball stage. Stir often to keep it sticking or burning. 3. When it has reached the soft ball stage, remove from the heat. 4. Stir in the vanilla, butter and peanut butter and beat by hand until thick. 5. Pour into buttered 8x8 pan. 6. Cut into 16 pieces.