Puckett’s Pickles Carrot and Cardamom Glazed Ham

Main courseServes 6

For a pre-festive get together or one to add to the list for the Christmas period, why not give this succulent and aromatic ham a whirl and give your traditional ham a twist with the spicy addition of North Yorkshire based Pucketts Pickles Carrot and Cardamom chutney. (If your ham is mild-cure gammon it probably won’t need soaking, but if you know that you're dealing with a salty piece, then put it in a pan covered with cold water, bring to the boil, then tip into a colander in the sink and start from here.)

Whitby Queen Scallops

StarterServes 2

# Pre-heat your grill to full. # Place a little of each of the ham, pesto and Parmesan on each of the scallops in the shell. # Place under the hot grill and cook for two minutes only until the ham starts to crisp and the Parmesan starts to melt. # Serve straight away scattered with baby herbs.