25 Years In Service For The Queen Of Cheese


Cryer & Stott Cheesemongers are a family run business established in 1960. Starting from humble beginnings on a 2 metre market stall in Wakefield.

In May 2013 Debbie Grindrod is celebrating 25 years of service working for Cryer & Stott Cheesemongers & Fine Food Merchants.

Debbie started her Cryer & Stott career working part time at Wakefield Market with Alan Stott son of the founder of the business. She worked 2 ½ days a week she recalls ‘On a Saturday lunch break I used to run home & feed my kids then back to work’.

Debbie really developed in her skills & knowledge 15 years ago when now owners of Cryer & Stott Richard & Clare took over. Together they developed a selection of local & artisan cheeses even creating their own famous Ruby Gold Cheese made with Wakefield Rhubarb.

She evolved & grew in her career as Cryer & Stott subsequently bought a further two shops. Debbie took charge of staff training & creating the Cryer & Stott brand as we know it today.

In 2007 Cryer & Stott rented an industrial unit where the wholesaling of cheese would really take off! Debbie traveled daily on three buses to get to Glasshoughtonwhere she became Wholesale Manager.

Soon outgrowing the base at GlasshoughtonCryer & Stott bought an old pub in Allerton Bywater Castleford. Debbie knocked down & painted wallscreating what is now Samuel Valentine The Urban Food Hall at the front & a much larger space for wholesaling at the rear of the building.

Debbie is very much regarded ‘The Queen Of Cheese’ building cheese wedding cakes that are like a work of art for loving brides or advising award winning chefs on their cheese selections.

Debbie is now very much part of the management teammainly overseeing the buoyant wholesale side of the operation which with great credit to Debbie was named Best Wholesaler & Distributor 2013 by Deliciously Yorkshire.

This time last year Debbie was busy preparing for her most challenging year yetdoing the London Olympics (not running or competing) but supplying 12 tonnes of cheese & fine foods to two prestigious events Eton Donney ““ Rowing & Greenwich Park ““ Equestrian.

Her 25 years in service will be celebrated by a making the biggest cheese stack to datea personalised pork pie cake saying 25 Years on also & most importantly Debbie will receive a share in the company.

Debbie has said she will one day she will write a book & name it from UHT to Legacy. To symbolise her evolution from selling UHT milk at Wakefield Market to selling Legacy cheese to London 2012 Olympics.

Interview with Debbie

*Cheesiest thing to happen in your 25 years?*
A customer at St Nicks Christmas market in York bought some cheese & left his wallet on the exhibition stand. When he realised he came running back with his pushchairgot his wallet thanked us & walked off without his baby!
We had to chase him through the crowds with his pushchair & baby!!

*Biggest achievement in your 25 years?*
Definitely has to be the Olympics 2012.
I never thought I would be waking up at 2am to sell cheese!

*Favourite cheese?*
Mrs Bells Blue From Thisk North Yorkshire.
Which will surprise most people as it is a blue ewes milk cheese.

*Most unusual cheese?*
Boulette d’Avesnes as they look like orange bullets

*Cheesiest tale about your 25 years?*
When we first started wholesaling cheese from Wakefield marketI used to be writing the invoices while Sue my work collegue picked the cheeses. I used to shout weight & Sue would shout the weight of the cheese from behind the market stall. We were in mid flow one week picking & packing an orderI was shouting WEIGHT! Sue hadn’t heard meI shouted again WEIGHT! Only to hear an elderly woman near the counter saying I have been waiting. I was so embarrassed!

“click here to visit their website”:http://www.cryerandstott.co.uk/