A New Look for Yorkshire Crisps’ Iconic Henderson’s Flavour

Two iconic Yorkshire brands have joined forces to relaunch their popular collaborative product.

The Yorkshire Crisp Company and Henderson’s Relish have renamed their best-selling crisps as Henderson’s Relish flavour (formerly Henderson’s Yorkshire Sauce)

Still proudly made in Sheffield using the original secret recipe and within half a mile of the original premises, Henderson’s Relish was created in 1885 by Henry Henderson gave the people of Sheffield their first taste of his unique product which generations have loved ever since.

Proud of their local heritage the two Yorkshire-based companies worked closely together to develop the popular flavour of crisp, teaming up to reinforce the iconic Henderson’s brand and its distinctive flavour, as well as its famous name, to Yorkshire’s favourite hand-crafted crisps.

Using locally grown potatoes hand-fried in hot sunflower oil the crisps are drizzled with the totally natural flavour of Henderson’s Relish whilst still warm.

The newly designed bags are available throughout the region in 40g and 150g sizes and are suitable for vegetarians and also gluten-free.

The moreish snacks also come in unique re-sealable 100g drums which will also be updated later this year, and are favourites in pubs, wine bars, theatres and cinemas, as well as for hampers and hotel minibars.

For more information and to buy online visit www.yorkshirecrisps.co.uk