Award-winning Rosebud Preserves celebrates 25 years by collaborating with Ampleforth Abbey

To celebrate its 25th Anniversary Rosebud Preserves is launching a new range of delicious products in collaboration with Ampleforth Abbey.

The range features a Beer Fruit Chutney, Seville Orange & Cider Marmalade and Brandy & Pear Jam, all of which are enhanced with the addition of Ampleforth Abbey’s award-winning Beer, Premium Cider and Cider Brandy.

Elspeth Biltoft, owner of Rosebud Preserves, says:

“When I first tasted Ampleforth’s products I was so impressed with the flavours. The Premium cider was particularly special, both in flavour and aroma. I had never tasted anything quite like it before.”

“When the team and I were looking for a way to celebrate our 25th Anniversary, our admiration was such that a collaboration with Ampleforth made perfect sense. All that was needed was to persuade them to join us!

“The development stage was such an enjoyable experience because the Ampleforth products made it easy to create a range to be proud of. The unique freshness that the cider brought to the marmalade was truly amazing, as was the depth of flavour given to the chutney from the beer. The addition of their cider brandy to our pear jam took this preserve to another level!”

Fr Terence Richardson OSB, Prior of Ampleforth Abbey, says:

“It’s been very satisfying to work with a fellow Yorkshire company and we’re really pleased with what Elspeth and the Rosebud team have developed. We never knew our beer and cider could be so versatile! These preserves will be an excellent addition to our food and drink ranges.”

The products:

Beer Fruit Chutney (£3.40/198g)

A deep, dark and thick fruit chutney that contains plums, dried fruits, allspice and the unique Ampleforth Abbey Beer. Delicious with Wensleydale and Farmhouse Cheddar. The beer, used to flavour the chutney, is prepared with hops and barley, then double fermented for strength and a ‘champagne-like’ sparkle, very similar to the recipe first used by the monks in 1608.

Dried fruits (prunes, dates, apricots) 36% (sulphites), cider vinegar, onions, unrefined sugar, plums, sea salt, all spice, Ampleforth Abbey Beer 1% (barley), cayenne pepper.

Cider Marmalade (£3.40/227g)

A classic coarse cut, robust marmalade made with Seville oranges that is given a refreshing lift with the addition of Ampleforth Abbey Premium Cider. The cider used in this sweet preserve is made from apples grown in the Abbey’s orchards and has matured for approximately six months in the traditional manner.

Unrefined sugar, water, Seville oranges, Ampleforth Abbey Premium Cider 3%, fresh lemon juice, coriander seed. Prepared with 33g of fruit per 100g.

Brandy & Pear Jam (£3.90/227g)

The freshness of English pears enriched and warmed with the addition of Ampleforth Cider Brandy. Naturally set with unrefined sugar. The Cider Brandy is made from apples grown in the Abbey’s orchards and then matured in oak barrels for five years. Traditional monastic skills and modern technology ensure the highest standard of distillation.

Fresh pears 92%, unrefined sugar, water, Bramley apples, fresh lemon juice, Ampleforth Abbey Cider Brandy 2%, Ampleforth Abbey Premium Cider 1.5%. Prepared with 110g of fruit per 100g.
Total sugar content 57g per 100g.

Rosebud Preserves does not use any artificial flavorings, preservatives or even pectin in its products, relying instead on generous quantities of ingredients and the natural properties of carefully sourced produce to achieve wonderful flavours.

The new range is available to buy online at and from specialist fine food retailers.