Botham’s Buns are Blushing for Valentine’s Day

The team at Botham’s Bakery have added a romantic touch to their famous Whitby Lemon Buns with a limited-edition blush to mark Valentine’s Day this year.

Lois Borrett, Elizabeth Botham’s great-great granddaughter, who heads up the finishing room and often ices the famous buns in the morning, said: “This is the first time in Botham’s history that we have ever changed the colour of Whitby Lemon Buns, but whilst they may be tickled pink, they still deliver on our signature lemony flavour.”

Since appearing on BBC Countryfile last year, the bakery, which was founded in 1865 and now has five local shops and three Tea Rooms, has been making a record number of their famous Buns due to increased demand.  The famous zesty treat also features high up on many ‘Visit Whitby’ itineraries, as well as being available nationwide through Botham’s mail delivery service.

The Limited-Edition Pink Whitby Lemon Buns are available to order from now until the end of February and come in a box of 6 along with a pot of Pink Lemon Icing, so you can have fun making the buns blush at home!

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