Breadmaking Courses Are On The Rise

A Wolds based organic bakery are offering delegates the chance to learn traditional baking skills from the experts.

Run by the Sellers family, Side Oven Bakery, based at Carr House Farm in Foston on the Wolds has been with the family for five generations

BreadmakingBakery founder Caroline Sellers started out by running the occasional workshop as an offshoot to their main food production business which at the time was bread.  Since then, the bakery has expanded and now produces an award winning range of organic products including Honey Toasted Muesli & Granola, Fruit Cordials and Farm Pressed Apple Juices.

In 2014 Caroline was joined by daughter Jessica who came back to work in the family business and since then breadmaking courses have grown in popularity so much so that in 2015 they ran a total of 20 workshops, with 50% attendees return bookings – a testament to how much people enjoy the relaxed and informal way Caroline teaches these traditional skills.

The bakery now run a varied programme of courses throughout the year including Breadmaking For All, Party Breads, Working with Spelt and Stollen & Sweetbreads amongst others, with each course using flour that has been grown on the family’s organic farm and milled on site using a traditional stoneground mill.

Jessica Sellers of Side Oven Bakery commented: ‘Provenance is our passion and our entire product range incorporates ingredients either grown or sourced on the farm. There seems to of been a surge in popularity in people wanting to learn traditional skills like breadmaking and a growing interest in farming and food generally.  People really care where their food is coming from and in our case you can see the crops growing in the fields, watch it go through our flour mill and then bake with the flour in the bakery – the journey from field to plate couldn’t be clearer!’

The regular artisan courses along with the farm & bakery open events through the year which are open to all, with each course catering for complete beginners through to those with a little more experience.  Further information on upcoming workshops can be found at