Bring In The New Year With Yorkshire Crisps!

Bring in the New Year with a touch of luxury and complement your celebratory drinks with some gourmet crisp from the Yorkshire Crisp Company. No party would be complete without crisps and with their delectable crunch and subtle seasoning, these crisps are extra-special!

For a traditional buffet table, you could opt for Sweet Cured Ham & Pickle or the popular Cheddar and Caramelised Onion Chutney variety. Both go exceedingly well with a pint of real ale.

If you like dips, then opt for Nowt On ““ a completely unadulterated potato crisp to bring out the best in your home-made hummus or spicy salsa!

With ten exciting flavours to the range, there’s an option for everyone to enjoy. There are eight flavours suitable for vegetarians and the Lightly Sea-Salted, Nowt On and Henderson’s Yorkshire Sauce varieties are gluten-free and so suitable for coeliacs.

We select perfect potatoes, all grown locally, and slice them into hot sunflower oil where they are hand-fried for a few minutes then drizzled with totally natural flavours while they are still warm. None of our ingredients contain anything artificial or genetically modified.

Yorkshire Crisps are available in 100g re-sealable drums ““ great for passing around, 40g single bags and 150g large sharing bags (selected flavours only).

For further information contact The Yorkshire Crisp Company on 01909 774411 or visit