Celebrity Turkey Didn’t Vote for Christmas

Last week the time had come for Swillington Organics flock of free range and organic turkeys, after a happy life roaming on the farm. However one plucky bird decided that she wasn’t ready to become a Christmas Dinner and made a run for it seconds before the end.

Jessica the turkey (nicknamed after Jessica Ennis the Yorkshire olympian) did a runner and evaded everyone on the farm first by sitting atop a JCB, then being chased round the garden before flying up a tree.

A customer saw this and started taking photos so they added them to twitter and asked their followers what should happen next. The result was that 75% thought she should be a #ChristmasWinner rather than a #ChristmasDinner so they have decided to keep her and she has moved in with their flock of breeding turkeys.

The story gained a lot of interest on twitter which resulted in her own photoshoot and article for the Yorkshire Post and Evening Post this weekend.

All the attention doesn’t seem to have phased Jessica (she was a page 3 bird!) and customers are welcome to visit her when they visit the farm shop in December!

*And if you’ve not yet ordered your Christmas roast you can still do so on our “website”:http://swillingtonorganicfarm.co.uk/ .* Please be assured that all the other turkeys have been hand plucked and are safely hanging in our cold room to mature flavour.

Your Christmas dinner won’t be flying away!