Deliciouslyorkshire Awards Shortlist

Deliciouslyorkshire Awards
Shortlist 2012

Best Bakery

Just Desserts – Yorkshire Parkin
Side Oven Bakery – Granola
Just Desserts – Landlord Cake
Sooty’s Cupcakery – Carrot Cake

Best Fish and Seafish

Staal Smokehouse – Hot Smoked Salmon
Chapmans Seafoods Ltd ““ Haddock Bake
Staal Smokehouse ““ Cold Smoked Salmon

Best Dairy

St Helen’s Farm ““ Goats Butter
Shepherd’s Purse Cheese ““ Bluemin White
Yummy Yorkshire Ice Cream”“ Spicy Chai Tea Ice Cream

Best Meat

British Premium Sausage Co Ltd – Premium Breakfast Sausage
Holme Farmed Venison ““ Venison T Bone
Mackenzies Smokehouse – Sweet Cure bacon

Best Drink

Ampleforth Abbey ““ Ampleforth Abbey Beer
Sloe Motion ““ Cherry Brandy
The Little Red Berry Company ““ Rhubarb and Vanilla Licquer

Best Sweet Preserve

Black Sheep Brewery ““ Mashtun Marmalade
Mercers Of Yorkshire – Raspberry Jam
Mercers Of Yorkshire – Lemon Cheese

Best Savoury Condiment

Curry Cuisine Ltd ““ Luxury Mango Chutney
The Butchers Arms ““ Butternut Squash Chutney
The Butchers Arms ““ Yorkshire Piccalilli

Best Fresh Produce

Copperwheat Agricultural – Yorkshire Garlic
Swillington Organic Farm ““ Vegetable Box
Cedarbarn Farmshop – Vegetable Box

Best Confectionary

Dixie Kitchen ““ Butter Almond Crunch
Sciolti Chocolates ““ Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla
The Yorkshire Fudge Company ““ Traditional Fudge

Best Ready To Eat

AJ Pies and Pasties ““ Black Pudding Pork Pie
Cedarbarn Farmshop – Stew and Dumplings
Hayloft Foods ““ Sag Aloo and Rice Soup

Best Newcomer

Staal Smokehouse
Dixie Kitchen
Sams Chop House

Best Use Of Local Produce on a Menu ““ Hotel / Restaurant

Silversmiths Restaurant
Sams Chop House
Yorebridge House